Designer Spotlight – Brian Paquette


I first came across Brian Paquette, a Seattle-based interior designer, on Instagram. After doing some research, I quickly fell in love with his style.

His eclectic style and combination of pieces shines a spotlight to furnishings – something I highly admire – and he can work around bad architecture – or complement good architecture!- flawlessly, like what he did in the Mercer Island rental by painting walls and trim and changing the look from a 90’s orange look, to a modern, crisp look.

He also combines patterns in such a unique way, it makes it look natural. As a design enthusiast, I am always impressed by the combination of patterns and mix of styles that result in breath-taking products.


I also love, love, love that he uses Michelle Armas pieces for his projects!


His use of moody tones, like blues, grays and blacks, complement perfectly the Seattle weather. And although it does get sunny in the city during the summer, these colors make interiors cozy and comfortable for the residents.


This project, for a young, tech-company executive, mixes masculine touches with more classic furniture for a stunning end product.

I day dream about living in a space with velvet everything, but with a fluffy cat, this idea will take me nowhere but directly to cleaning all. the. time.



To me, his style reads young and relaxed yet seems sophisticated and fresh, something that, according to my eye, is a welcomed combination.He is great at creating spaces that cater to families, too, and that combine style with function, like what he did for this transplanted family.



Source: 1. Brian Paquette Interiors; all others My Domaine.


Winter blues


It’s been such a long, long Winter here in Seattle. I can’t seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I find myself unmotivated to do anything. No ideas on what to paint! It’s been tough.

Hopefully, Spring will be here soon (at least the trees at UW got the message!) And with it, more ideas and creativity will flow.

Photo © Maria Rigou for Groundhog Design

Linked and loved

After 4+ years, Adele has finally released a new single, and a new album is coming out next month! Her previous album, 21, was such a powerful album and it remained No. 1 in the Billboard 200 for 24 weeks, the most ever for a woman. It was an album about heartbreak, and it helped me with a lot I was going through at that time.

I’m excited to listen to more 25 tracks (the album will be out Nov. 20) and see what this is about!

My favorites from the web this week:

  1. Adele, ‘Hello’ from the new album 25,  out November 20.
  2. The City of Seattle is experiencing some mayor growth in recent times and, originally, they looked at San Francisco to follow their steps. But then they realized that SF was NOT a good model to follow, so now Seattle is trying to decide how to grow but keep its essence on the way there.
  3. I’m in love with these John Vogel chairs from West Elm. I wish I could justify the need for new dining chairs…
  4. A HUGE win for prisoners and their friends and families! It will now be easier for prisoners to communicate with their loved ones, with lower phone rates.
  5. Unfortunately for us, we still have to negotiate more than just a salary in our workplace. I am in no need for maternity leave, but do think that something desperately needs to be done to address this issue.


Sneak Peak

Earlier this week, husband and I had our official pre-closing walk through with the warranty service people from the building company.

We got to see our parking spot and storage unit and, finally, after ONE WHOLE YEAR, our apartment!

It’s beautiful. A little bit smaller than I imagined, but according to my husband, furniture makes space look bigger because of the different levels it generates, visually. Hoping this is true!

Anyway, there are two small disappointments, but I think that in the long run, these things can be changed! For now, I will leave you with a photo of the view, right from the living room.


To the left, we have the balcony. To the right (that scaffolding) is the North Tower of the same building complex. It is still under construction and will be ready next summer. I don’t mind it a bit.

What do you think?

Photo © Maria Rigou for Groundhog Design