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Happy Friday! I’m very excited it’s finally the end of the week and I can sleep in tomorrow, no alarms necessary.

Some of my favorite things from the inter-webzzzzz this week:

  1. How cute is this Ikea rocker hack? Sarah Sherman Samuel sure makes DIY look easy!
  2. Obsessing over this 15 year-old’s Instagram account. He is Munich-based and it makes me daydream of Europe.
  3. I have a very big black thumb and the only plants I can keep alive are fake ones. I’m going to adopt these tips, especially because I am eyeing some snake plants for my place.
  4. Thinking of visiting these cafés soon.
  5. Target has been stepping up its game recently when it comes to home decor. Loving this lounger + ottoman set (I think intended for outdoors?) and picturing it in a cozy reading nook by a window.

Have a happy weekend! Days are getting longer here, anticipating the arrival of Spring.

Source: Jannik Obenhoff‘s Insta.


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After a long weekend, I can never completely grasp that the first day of work is actually a Tuesday, so I spend my whole week thinking we are behind one day, but then suddenly it’s FRIYAY!

This week was a long one, with my new morning routine experiment and waiting for warranty services to take care of some things in the condo. I spent many hours navigating the webs this week. Here are my favorite things:

1. I’m in need of a cake stand for all the cake I’m anticipating I’ll be eating this fall and winter, and this DIY seems like it could do the trick.

2. I love handy cats. Benito (our ginger medium-hair kitty) is pretty handy with doors. Just like this one.

3. So, apparently, there is a new ‘site’ that allows you to share photos of homes / spaces. I joined recently and I think I like it because these are real spaces, decorated by people like you and me and not professionally photographed and what not. Maybe it will kick off? Check out at{mine}.

4. This is a little bit old, but I love the use of dark walls in the living area in this London flat.

5. Of all of the Fortune 500 companies’ CEOs, only 9 are Hispanic. Are any of these Hispanic women? #GlassCeiling

Happy weekend folks! We are hosting our first official dinner/BBQ at the condo and we are excited!

Source: Image by Bethany Nauert via Happiness Is blog.

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Sunset in Seattle

It’s the weekend! Weather in Seattle is starting to get better and better. We had a heat wave earlier in the week and now temperatures have dipped a little, but it’s still nice and sunny and beautiful, just how I like it.

Check out my favorites from the web this past week:

1. Love these little bowls for summer entertaining.

2. Drooling over this recipe box from the Rifle Paper Co., very useful for our household cooking issues.

3. I may or may not have changed my master plans for our master bedroom in the condo (via Studio McGee.)

4. Art inspiration this week comes in the form of gloomy monotone watercolor prints.

5. ‘Vibrant new spaces’ are coming to Seattle!

Photo © Maria Rigou for Groundhog Design