Travel Guide: Milan


Almost a week ago I came back home from a short – but sweet – trip to Europe. My husband had to be there for work so this time I decided to join him. We visited Munich, Germany; Zurich, Lucerne and Davos, Switzerland; Udine, Italy, and ended the trip with a short visit to Milan.

I had never been to Milan before and I was surprised to find it extremely similar to some parts of Buenos Aires. We sure do have a heavy European influence!

I was there for just one day and it was definitely enough to visit the ‘typical’ tourist attractions as well as eating delicious food and mingling with the locals.

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Taverna Del Borgo Antico in the Brera neighborhood. The pizza + pasta combo was delicious and they have an expansive menu to feast on.
La Magolfa in Navigli was a super cheap and super delicious place where we had dinner. It seemed like this place was more for the locals, which was great with us! I highly recommend their Antipasto della Casa, which includes different cheeses, cold cuts and croquettes.
Rinomata Gelateria for some delicious and creamy gelato. I only had gelato there once and I highly regret this decision.
Mercato Metropolitano in Navigli

Potafiori Cafe
Mag Cafe (an impressive Happy Hour menu)
Bar Luce

Il Duomo, for obvious reasons. You can purchase a pass that takes you to the terraces and to the inside of the cathedral, or also use the side entrance that is reserved for the faithful to pray or attend service and confession.
Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II – all of the heart eyed emojis for this place
The Brera District, home to the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and the Brera Art Gallery, which has contributed to the ‘reputation’ of Brera as an artists’ neighborhood and a place of bohemian atmosphere, sometimes referred to as “the milanese Montmartre.” It is also filled with tons of little restaurants and cafes that are bustling with energy at all times.
The Navigli

And of course there are many, many more things to do. This is just a snapshot of what I did!

Source: Potafiori Cafe in
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Blue Apron review + free printables

So, anyone that knows me or talks to me on a regular basis pretty much only hears me complain about how cooking is a hassle in our household. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy cooking, but just thinking of what to cook for dinner drains all my energy away even before getting home.

We tried a “taking turns” approach to cooking, but in the end I did all the thinking and only half of the execution. Definitely not working for me.

The other day I was reading Dana Miller’s blog and she talked about how she had ordered Blue Apron to take (or be delivered) on her family vacation. At the end of her post, Blue Apron was giving away two meals for the first 100 readers, so I ventured out to the website and signed up.

And finally, today we received our first package!

In the box (nicely packed and refrigerated) were ingredients for three meals. Blue Apron recommends that you cook the fish first, so that it remains as fresh as possible. So today, we made salmon burgers with creme fraiche potato salad and arugula. The recipe called for capers, but we are not fans so we didn’t add them. Also, I think it had too much mint for my taste.

The really good thing about this is that you can keep the recipe and if you ever feel like eating it again, you just go to the store and get the ingredients! It definitely helps in the long-term with my “not want to think” problem.


Ingredients for the salmon burger ready to be used. Not pictured: the fresh arugula for the side salad and the creme fraiche.


Final product! Delicious salmon burgers with potato salad. So far, I would highly recommend Blue Apron. It’s the best of both worlds: I get to enjoy the cooking but I don’t have to think about what to cook.

I also wanted to add a couple of free printables that aim at staying organized with food ideas for the week, any notes and a grocery list so that your week goes smoothly. You can download them here or here.

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