Linked and Loved


It’s been a rainy week in Seattle that is making me daydream of moving to the desert. Maybe I could do what retired people do when they move to Boca Raton for the winter but instead I move to the desert during rainy season in Seattle and then move back once the weather picks up. Is that a thing? I’ll make it a thing.

My favorite things on the internet:

  1. Can I go to all these places? Take a leave of absence from work and just travel the globe. I bet they are not on your bucket list!
  2. Loving this small house in Ballard, right here in Seattle.
  3. Nice-looking and affordable pillow covers for all your pillow needs.
  4. Wouldn’t these stools be super soft under your feet while Netflix-bingeing?
  5. Love Poppy Talk’s free botanical prints download. Thank you for putting this out there for us.

Have a great weekend! We will probably go skiing and then sleep in on Sunday.

Source: Our Aesthetic by Rolling Greens


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