New Year, New Look


I’m a homebody. I really, really enjoy being home, especially if said home is perfectly decorated. I also happen to be a very extroverted extrovert, so my best moments are when people come to my house. And said house is perfectly decorated.

I always thought I had a specific taste in mind when it came to decorating my home, but over the years, that taste has morphed into a perfectly -or maybe not so perfectly – balance of different styles. And I like changing stuff up around he house.

So this is why I have compiled this list of cheap and easy ways to change the look of your home in a cinch.

  1. Paint. Paint is one of the easiest ways to make a big impact with a little cost. If you can paint, then try it! It will change how the room feels and you can definitely try different ways: all of the walls, an accent wall, 3/4 of the way up, just the ceiling? The options are endless.
  2. Re-arrange your furniture. Moving things around can give you a fresh angle to decorating. Sometimes we move into a space and envision furniture a certain way and sometimes moving it around can work much better with how you use your space.
  3. Shop in your home. Do you have some pillows in your bedroom that you are growing a little tired of? Maybe move them to the living area! Same with throws, curtains, chairs. There are many possibilities to change the look without investing in some new pieces.
  4. Art. Art can be one of the most impactful  (is this even a word?) add ons to a space. Just make sure that you go big to fill the space and create the most impact. There are a lot of places where you can buy art at affordable prices, like Minted or Etsy.
  5. Add some texture and don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit! Texture can bring your flat space to a more 3D level. You can do this by adding a fluffy pillow, a rustic console table or even some inexpensive plants in different sizes.

What are some other, inexpensive ideas you have to refresh your home?

Source: Top 15 of 2015 by Sarah Sherman Samuel


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