Linked and Loved


Weekend! I’m getting ready to fly to Argentina for a week and a half to get my visa! I’m excited because finally I’ll be able to come and go as I please, but not too excited about visiting. Don’t get me wrong, I love going back, but it’s just such a busy time visiting with friends and family, running errands, going to doctors, that it’s not really a ‘vacation’ per se. I’ll probably need a vacation after!

My favorite things from the inter webs this week:

1. This clever little girl who is helping her divorced parents be friends.

2. I know this has been everywhere, but this is exactly how millions of people feel every time they are putting together Ikea furniture.

3. Loving the Tio Table by Mass Productions.

4. I’m drooling over this Melanie Severin piece. I love the layered look, but I am never patient enough to be able to accomplish this effect in my paintings, so I outsource instead!

5. I {heart} this Ikea hack. Looking for ways to revamp my nightstand so that it’s not so ‘matchy-matchy’ with the other furniture in the room.

Photo by my friend Ingrid Barnhart (website coming soon). She took amazing photos of us a couple of weeks ago to use for her new site!


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