Morning routine

I always thought that I was a night owl. When I was younger (think high school and college) I could stay up until the wee hours of the morning – either finishing a project or an essay, studying for a test or maybe just IMing with friends in different time zones – and then be up again the next morning as if nothing had happened.

Now, 10 years later, I can barely stay up past midnight on a school night, and every day is harder to get up to go to work.

You see, since we moved to the condo I have absolutely no need to wake up as early as I did before because we are 8 blocks away from my office – a 15 minute walk max. So I can get away with waking up at 8 a.m., showering, changing and then I can be on my way by 8:30 a.m.

However, my mornings feel rushed. I’ve been tying to establish a morning routine so that, when I wake up, I have some time to browse the news (I read theSkimm, it’s great and you can sign up here!), read some blogs, catch up on my Instagram and Twitter feeds AND have breakfast. I always skip breakfast and I hate it.

So since the move, I’ve been trying to wake up with enough time to do everything that I want without wasting too much time. That means prepping everything the night before – even breakfast – and then doing it the next morning in the same order, every day.

Some days I’m successful, others I’m not and it makes a bad start to my day (usually it’s on Mondays that I have a hard time, so it’s a bad start to my week). To get motivated, I watched this – free – video / lesson to get ideas on how to create a morning routine, and so far, I love some of them. I especially liked his idea when he said he watched a highly addicting show in the morning instead of staying up late. Right now, I’m really into House, M.D. and this might be the key to my mornings!

The more I do it, the faster it will become a habit and, hopefully, one day I’ll become a morning person. Right now, I’m just a sleepy head that enjoys sleeping and I work best after lunch, but hoping to change that.

What habit are you trying to form? Do you have any ideas on how to successfully wake up and do ALL THE THINGS I want to do in the morning, but maximizing my sleep at the same time? 

Source: Adrienne Breaux via Apartment Therapy

P.S. Check out this list of other free or cheap classes you can take online! I signed up for Creative Bug and did a tutorial on Watercolor Painting that taught me some sweet techniques I’ll be trying out this week at the studio.


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