Linked and Loved

After a long weekend, I can never completely grasp that the first day of work is actually a Tuesday, so I spend my whole week thinking we are behind one day, but then suddenly it’s FRIYAY!

This week was a long one, with my new morning routine experiment and waiting for warranty services to take care of some things in the condo. I spent many hours navigating the webs this week. Here are my favorite things:

1. I’m in need of a cake stand for all the cake I’m anticipating I’ll be eating this fall and winter, and this DIY seems like it could do the trick.

2. I love handy cats. Benito (our ginger medium-hair kitty) is pretty handy with doors. Just like this one.

3. So, apparently, there is a new ‘site’ that allows you to share photos of homes / spaces. I joined recently and I think I like it because these are real spaces, decorated by people like you and me and not professionally photographed and what not. Maybe it will kick off? Check out at{mine}.

4. This is a little bit old, but I love the use of dark walls in the living area in this London flat.

5. Of all of the Fortune 500 companies’ CEOs, only 9 are Hispanic. Are any of these Hispanic women? #GlassCeiling

Happy weekend folks! We are hosting our first official dinner/BBQ at the condo and we are excited!

Source: Image by Bethany Nauert via Happiness Is blog.


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