Kitchen nightmares

Well, it’s not literally a nightmare but more like a bad dream. I guess you never notice small things that rooms are missing until you move into them.

We finally moved into our condo! After a 14-month wait, we are finally moved in and almost ready to start enjoying it fully. This coming weekend we are going to work on some little things like putting up shelves, maybe hang a painting or two and tackle the linen closet organization.

You’ll hear more about this soon, so, moving on… One of the first things I realized when we moved in is that the kitchen doesn’t have a wide enough drawer to fit all of our silverware. We don’t have a big collection, just a forks, knives, spoons and serving pieces for 8 people. It was definitely a complete shock to see that the kitchen wasn’t exactly planned for silverware, but luckily we were able to come up with an original way of storing it.

Many years ago I bought a bamboo caddy like this one that I was using to bring to the table with olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, etc. It is originally intended to be a cutlery caddy / holder, but I didn’t have the need back then. It also only has 4 official holder spaces, and I needed at least 6 to be able to fit our silverware.

So with a little help from a trusty cardboard box and some tape, I fashioned two more divisions to make a grand total of 6. It’s working out great so far, and hopefully it will hold up until I find a more permanent solution to this problem. We now keep the silverware out on the counter and the whole set up looks like it’s on purpose!

More creative ideas to store (or not) cutlery:


I do have something in mind as an “extension” of the kitchen, but I’ll keep you posted on that one.

Sources: 1) DIY & Crafts 2) HubPages 3) A Cultivated Nest 4) Ikea hacks via Afternoon Special


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