I can’t commit + mood boards


I am having serious problems committing to _______ (fill in the blank with whatever you want: what to have for dinner, what to wear, whether to tie my hair up or leave it down, what furniture to buy… you name it). I can’t commit. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I guess it might be the age? Maybe the late-twenties come with this type of indecision, I don’t know. I’m a newbie at this…

Anyway, my husband and I bought a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom condo last year, while it was still being built. Definitely committed to that one. Especially since we have not seen the place. Yes, that is true, we have not seen it.

We have a floor plan and an idea of what the finishes might be like, but besides that, we are running on pure imagination. BUT, but, we get to see it, finally, next week! Eek! So excited.

In the meantime, as you know, I have been looking through photos and photos of furniture to hold me over and to inspire me to finally commit to something.

I want to think that I have ‘master’ plans for the master bedroom, but the only thing I have committed to so far is……….. navy walls. We haven’t decided the shade just yet, but we are leaning towards Benjamin Moore’s Old Navy, Hale Navy or Deep Royal, or Sherwin Williams’ Indigo Batik or Naval. More on that soon.

Because of the dark walls we have decided on white furniture- which we already have and are working around – and adding distinct pops of color to brighten the space and make it more ‘us.’ (BTW – I hate the expression ‘us,’ but it works in this case)

Below is Inspiration Option 1 – pops of yellow / mustard / gold

master inspiration1. The whole inspiration for this room was born from the idea of dark navy walls. This color is Benjamin Moore’s Old Navy and I think I like it a little bit, but I want to test color swatches on the wall first so that I decide correctly and don’t have painters regret.

2. This is Ikea Nordli bed frame, in white. Last year when we moved to Seattle from Michigan, we upgraded to a king size bed and I truly truly regret that choice. We sold our bed and mattress earlier this summer and are waiting for the move to purchase a new bed and mattress – this time a queen size. I feel like, visually, a king bed takes up too much space and clutters the room. This bed also has space between the floor and the mattress, something the other was lacking, and will help in matters of visual de-cluttering.

3. Art! In blues and touches of yellow and marigold. The one to the left is Caroline Wright, an Austin-based artist, and the right painting is by Michelle Armas, Atlanta-based (her mother is actually from Argentina!). I already own a print by Michelle Armas that I am in love with.

4. THIS RUG. I love the colors, it’s so fresh and airy. How do you feel about rug-on-rug? Our bedroom is carpeted and while I see the advantages to that, I wish we had hardwood because it’s so much easier to maintain in perpetuity. In the meantime. I’m still going to protect the carpet from stains by laying a rug on it. I like this one. It’s Ikea.

5. I’m loving these dotted sheets from Crate and Barrel. Ever since husband and I moved in together, we have had white sheets. I like that these are a different type of pattern and even though they might be busy for some, they add a little spark to the room, in my head at least…

6. A mirror. Ideally with a gold frame, to tie the room together.

7. We already own this Ikea Hemnes dresser. It is HUGE, let me tell you, but it has been a life saver in terms of space for us. We have – and will have – a regularly sized closet and so the drawers really come in handy for storage of fold-up items like t-shirts, my work clothes, socks; you name it.

8. A white bed spread. We have one we bought last year (a king size one) that I’m pretty sure I could use or tweak (I have a friend that is quite the sewing machine goddess). But white. We like white.

9. More baskets. I especially love these because they are a very rich, nice color and quite space-y. And I already have a couple… Are you sensing a theme here?

Option 2 – pops of magenta / blue / gold

master inspiration2Basically the only things that change here are the accents, in a different color.

4. A nice lamp with a gold base. I might DIY something. Stay tuned.

5. This is a rag rug that I have been eyeing for months now. I didn’t have a place for it, but I think that I might now pull the trigger and go ahead and buy it for our room.

6. Hmong pillows. I saw some on Etsy that I liked. I think the shop is OrientalTribe11.

I want to make this room a perfect combination of masculine and feminine because, after all, it belong to ‘us’ and not just me. I think Option 2 is cutting it really thin and Option 1 might be more on the masculine side, with feminine touches. Nico, my husband, is very involved in the decoration process, so we will see what we can compromise after I show him these boards.

So? Which is best?

Source: Studio McGee. This photo is what inspired me to paint my walls a rich, dark blue with white furniture and accents in gold / brass and natural tones (see the basket planter and tray). I love Studio McGee’s work and have been addicted to their blog since I discovered them a few months back.


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