Hallway inspiration + mood board


As we come closer to our moving date, I have started planning out possible and all future furniture purchases for the new place.

We still have to decide what living room furniture we are going to buy (more on that later!), but in the meantime, I have been thinking about what will be visible on the way to the living area.

Once you enter the condo, there is a somewhat long hallway (with closets and storage on both sides) that takes you right into the unit. I want this space to be the first glimpse of my home and I would love it if it is a close representation of what the rest of the condo experience will be.

I fell in love with the CB2 Mill Console Table years ago (maybe it was only a year ago?) but I haven’t been able to get it off my mind, so I planned around it when deciding the tone of the entry way. To the right of the hallway we have a pretty large coat closet, but to the left, there is a blank wall that could be home to this table. The hallway is only a little over three feet wide, so we thought it was important to put furniture in there that wasn’t going to disrupt the foot traffic and that could also serve a function (a place to drop keys and mail when you walk in, for example), so the Mill Console was PERFECT, because it is only 10 inches deep.

So without further ado (further adieu? which one is it?), here is the official inspiration for the condo entry hallway.


1. CB2 Mill Console table. The clean industrial lines, plus the nice and shallow depth are perfect for a busy hallway. And, this is what actually started my whole inspiration and it might be the stepping stone to the whole apartment.
2. A mirror to open things up a little bit, especially since the hallway is on the narrow side. I think this one is from Ikea, but I’m not 100% sure because I can’t really find it online. I like the looks of these and this one.
3. Sedona large tote, from Crate and Barrel, to use as additional storage and it will tie in nicely with the pendant light, and I’m kinda digging the “rustic” look it gives to the whole ensemble.
4. Balouch Persian rug in reds, oranges or navys. I haven’t found one that I love love just yet, but this one could close the deal. No idea where it is from (can anyone guide me in the right direction?) My only thing with rugs is that you have to seem them in the space and live with them for a couple of days, so this might be tricky.
5. A nice sheepskin rug / throw to create a cozy space, maybe draped over the storage basket.
6. Geometric pendant light, because I love the look and I think that it makes a statement when you walk into a home. I always had pendant lights growing up (although my mom’s taste is a little bit more classic – think crystal chandeliers). My only concern with this one is that the ceiling is not as tall, so I might have to buy this one instead.
7. Some abstract art that I will DIY (more on this soon).
8. Benjamin Moore Gray Owl paint. This, I’m not sure and I doubt that it is something I will execute, because… The living area in the condo is just one big nice area that includes hallway – kitchen – dining and living room, and so it is hard to establish what area is what, and I don’t think I’m ready to paint the whole apartment just yet.

So, what do you think?
Sources: 1: Danielle Oakey Interiors 2: MyDomaine


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