bar carts!

The layout of our current apartment is pretty weird, but somehow we managed to fit a large credenza in one of the corners. However, we weren’t able to include a so-called “bar cart”, we just put a woven tray on top of the credenza with some bottles on it and called it a day.

Now that we are moving, we discovered that one of our leaning bookcases where the TV is won’t fit the wall we are planning for it. We will have to move it to the living room…. and then inspiration struck!

I can make a “bar cart” out of it (minus the cart part because it won’t move).

To inspire my new invention, I’ve been looking at images around the web. So in the meantime, look at my inspiration and I’ll come back soon with photos of what it actually looks like.


Sources: 1: via Almost Makes Perfect 2: via Refinery 29 3: via The Every Girl 4: 5-to-1 apartment by Michael K Chen Architecture


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